Every single aspect of the Private Palace Hotels & Resorts brand is focused on its guests, who expect excellence and appreciate individuality. Our hotels are privately managed and follow a long-term strategy in order to create sustainable values. Private Palace Hotels & Resorts are committed to satisfying their responsible for sustainable business in the sense of corporate social responsibility. For us, this means acting in an ecologically and socially responsible manner on all levels.


In our social company policy, we address the aspects of economy, social issues and the environment where sustainability is concerned in order to permanently improve our environmental friendliness and encourage social commitment. As a result, we can secure the future competence and innovative ability of the brand. Our trust in our employees and their independent action allows us to fulfil our brand promises while taking into account cultures specific to the region, country and hotel. We consider ourselves to be an integral body and fill our hotels with employees, who we view as people. Our employees, characterised by their empathy and competence, are as individual as Private Palace Hotels & Resorts. Ultimately, it is they who make our hotels what they are and pass on our brand promises to the guests. We invest in further training, thus promoting the professional and personal development of our employees. Management personnel undergo continual training and pass on their knowledge to our employees.