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Mission & Vision

Creating contemporary hotel experiences through appreciation, enjoyment, community, cost-effectiveness and sustainability

As a hotel management company, our top priority is achieving the best operative performances and sustainable financial results. Our mission is to offer our guests hotel experiences with the maximum level of hospitality and professionalism. In doing so, we recognise the social change and duties of our time. Our objective is not to force growth to compete with the giants of the hotel industry - because ultimately human contact cannot be standardised. Recognising your individual requirements and acting on these at all times is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We recognise current trends and pay attention to quality and details, which our guests appreciate. Together with honest hospitality, a high quality of service and our innovative ideas are values which need to be maintained. Individuality, nonchalance and awareness of trends are the components, on which we are building in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


The only proof of skills is performance


The Private Palace Hotels & Resorts are a place of powerful calm, in which you can refuel and regenerate your energy. As well as our guests, our employees are at the heart of our corporate policy because they are the ones who perform. Even as you are welcomed at the reception, you can leave the hustle and bustle behind you and fall into their arms. Our employees will catch you and perform their duties with enthusiasm, fulfilling a high standard of service quality.


Awareness makes the brand strong – and international


Through selective growth, we are achieving our aim of becoming an internationally popular hotel group. With heart and soul, we view each day anew, creating an inter-regional awareness of people, company and environment. The way to branding and market positioning is a constant process and can only be built upon by qualified employees, a top-class range of inviting products and services. The future growth of the company should be guaranteed by constant investments and innovations.


Creating values without waste


Along the entire value added chain, we focus on coordinating all activities with one another optimally and avoiding any superfluous practices. By streamlining the design of our corporate processes, it is possible to cater to customer requirements and to intensify our relationship with our guests, as their utmost satisfaction is our aim. The well-being and security of our guests is at the heart of our actions and has prompted us to invest part of the cash flow in the maintenance and modernisation of our hotels.