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Wellness & Spa


Body, mind and soul in unity – Enjoy health treatments from all over the world



We have recognised that well-being is not just achieved through a comfortable bed, top-class service and healthy cuisine. Health has long since played an important role in choosing a holiday, which is why we have developed a large range of health treatments for each Private Palace & Resorts hotel. Discover our spas! We guarantee to leave nothing to be desired, so that you can return home refreshed and with a better feeling. The Private Palace spas have much to offer. Give your wallet a break and immerse yourself in Ayurvedic lifestyle medicine without having to travel to far-off India for it. Float in salt water without having to travel to the Black Sea. Our large spa and beauty oases offer everything available from countries both near and far. Professional, integral consultation and treatment await you for your health and well-being. Our team is made up of trained employees, doctors and health experts, who are happy to individually advise and indulge you. Combined with a large range of leisure activities, your holiday will be a relaxing stay.